What’s Your Favorite Bunny Logo?

17th Wednesday, 2010  |   Blog, Bunny Logos, News  |  19 comments

While putting together the new web site, we found a fascinating post on the web by designer Drew Davies.

He approached the school with the offer of a hip new “free” logo he designed to give the school a more professional look.

(Maybe it was a little too “pro” or maybe the time just wasn’t right for a change.

In the end, the school decided not to make a change, but that got us thinking: What is the best Bunny logo of all time?

Here are a few of our favorites. We’ve include Drew’s because we’re already seeing it used on Facebook and some other web sites.


  1. Jody Baker
    Jan 04, 2011

    Just found the Benson Mighty Bunnies – I collect (purchase) t-shirts or sweatshirts from schools with unique mascots – you have made my day! I would choose either of the two “mean” bunnies – more appropriate for any sporting teams – great art work! Thanks for the uplifting website!

  2. Linda Reeh
    Jan 05, 2011

    “Angry Bunny” is the best of all time

  3. Jeff Ingraham
    Jan 08, 2011

    I prefer Angry Bunny in the upper left had corner!

  4. Mark Johnson
    Jan 21, 2011

    Bunny upper right

  5. david koons
    Jan 22, 2011

    I like the angry bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sherry Gordon Clifton
    Jan 31, 2011

    I definitely prefer the bunny in the upper right hand corner.

  7. Jim Watson
    Mar 08, 2011

    I like the tough bunny in the upper right….

  8. Tim Adams
    Mar 08, 2011

    80’s Bunny was and is the best. We had these on our helmets in football..
    #13 forever

    • Tracy Bartlett-Cooney
      Sep 15, 2011


  9. April Clem
    Mar 15, 2011

    The new one, bottom right. LOVE IT

  10. Lee Rife '58
    Mar 18, 2011

    Of those shown, the lower right is cleverly the best, but way too cool. Actually, any anger thing is **&^^ and may appeal to the Jr. High, half-formed brain, but misses us. The very name, “Benson Bunnies,” sounds like it was picked out in a blush of pubescent cuteness and not by any real boy. But since that’s our starting point, why not live with the camp and go back to the retro Playboy type silhouette we had in the Fifties? Nothing beats that.

    • Terry J. Havenridge '78
      Dec 01, 2012

      The “Bunny” nickname predates even your class, Lee.
      Fred Ware – a famed World-Herald sportswriter wrote of a Benson basketball team in the Thirties, that, while short, had some ‘leapers’.
      I’m told the quote was, “Those jumping Benson bunnies.”
      An older story I heard was this:
      The campus at 52nd and Maple is the third Benson High building. The first- at the site of Kremer Funeral Home, 63rd & Maple – burned in 1903, the second is the current Benson West Elementary.
      The field where the current BHS building stands was full of rabbits- some have said the name came from that. I imagine that when construction of the School and stadium took place that the surrounding neighborhood and its vegatable gardens were overrun by bunnies from Benson High School.
      My Mom, Janet Staley was a 1959 grad, know her?

  11. Linda Goodwin
    Feb 02, 2012

    Years ago I called the Benson HS office and asked the origin of the “Bunnies” as our mascot. The secretaries asked around, found a person who’d worked at the school from the time it was built, and she said the mascot was picked before the school even opened for students. The staff at that time had looked out the window of the new school, saw lots of rabbits on the proto-lawn, and decided the mascot would be the bunnies. That said, for me (grad Benson, 1972) the best logo will be the tough bunny in the upper right, since we lost most games but always won the fight afterward (with North HS, or Westside, or Central). Still, the new logo (lower right) is pretty cool! Where on earth did that wimpy bunny come from? Must have been from Burke…

  12. Linda
    Feb 22, 2012

    You can’t get rid of the Mighty Bunny! It’s classic! There’s nothing wrong with it. That would be like changing the “Coke” logo….or “Pizza Hut” ….or any of the well known brand logos.

  13. Karen Polson (Ove)
    Feb 27, 2012

    Angry bunny top right corner

  14. Terry J. Havenridge '78
    Dec 01, 2012

    I like the Angry Bunny & use him for my Twitter icon.
    I recall seeing the artist’s name and ” ’66 ” .
    The 80’s one lacks detail, but at least he has pants!
    Drew’s Bunny looks pretty good. I’ve seen something similar to it at some games- My Daughters are at Thomas Jefferson in C.B. and we have played Benson in Volleyball yearly.

  15. Chuck Rankin
    Dec 17, 2012

    Benson Bunnies….and even your colors…GREEN & White??

    FISHER HIGH SCHOOL, Fisher, IL 61843 are the Fisher Bunnies and our school colors are orange and black.

    It surprises me that I have not discovered the BENSON MIGHTY BUNNIES until today. I have googled BUNNIES and strange mascots for years…and never stumbled on a GREEN BUNNIE.

    I am sorry to state that BUNNIES are ORANGE or BLACK….!!

    Our mascot has been around since the 40s/50s and was related to the area newspaper reporting on the basketball team during the county tournament. The FISHER basketball team decided to carry a rabbit foot for the added good luck….and it seemed to work.

    Speaking of Hugh Hefner…he used to write letters of encouragement to the FISHER BUNNIES for their sports competition. We did have the Playboy BUNNY logo for a season or two…but for the obvious reasons….the high school and community moved on.

    I doubt this is the first time you all have heard of the FISHER BUNNIES from Illinois….but GOOD LUCK to your school in sports and academics!!

    • Terry J. Havenridge '78
      Aug 04, 2013

      I HAVE heard of the Fisher Bunnies, but just as “the only other Bunnies mascot High School”.
      Thanks for the details,Chuck

  16. Mari Tjaden Stangland
    Aug 30, 2014

    I prefer the three color bunny. It’s the closest to the one I remember (except for the one like it in green and white.
    My principal asked us to list the schools we had attended from Sr. High to the present. When our lists were posted, along with our mascots, I had to stop try to figure out what that was in place of my bunny. Sorry to say, I am far from impressed with the “new” one.

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