Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund Closer to $100,000 Goal

The Benson High School Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund is picking up steam as the association seeks to raise $100,000 to create a sustaining resource for scholarships to Benson High students. More than $30,000 has been given through the end of 2014.

“Students receiving the scholarships from the Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund will meet academic standards and financial need requirements,” said Dr. Nina Little, the Alumni Association’s co-chair of the endowment committee. Alumni scholarships have been awarded annually to students who are in the upper 50 percent of the class, have contributed to the school and community by participating in activities but, because of financial need, might not otherwise seek post-secondary education.

Funding scholarships has been a goal of the Benson High School Alumni Association since its incorporation in 1987.

“We want to honor the intention of the Alumni Association founders by establishing a formal funding vehicle for scholarships for Benson students,” Little said.

The Alumni Scholarship Endowment is separate from Benson High’s scholarship program and will be administered by the Omaha Schools Foundation at no cost to the Alumni Association.  The Foundation has 501 (c) (3) tax status.

Donations can be sent to Benson High Alumni Scholarship Endowment, Omaha Schools Foundation, 3215 Cuming St., Omaha, NE 68131.

A brochure about the BHS Alumni Scholarship Endowment is available here:

Endowment brochure