Walter Cropper, 1937

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First Name: Walter

Last Name: Cropper

Year Graduated: 1937

Biography: With his booming voice, Judge Walter Cropper wasn't afraid to lower the boom. Drunken drivers and people convicted of gun offenses often got time at "the cultural center," as he called the Douglas County Correctional Center. The colorful, quotable Cropper ruled his courtroom with wit, wisdom and occasional whimsy for 27 years before retiring in 1994. He became a World War II infantry captain under Gen. George Patton. Like the general, Walt could be blunt and bold. But for 53 years at Christmas midnight services, he sang "The Lord's Prayer." He once dreamed of becoming an opera singer. It became an avocation, and he was so skilled that he sang arias from Mozart with the Omaha Symphony. Died in 2007.

Year Inducted: 1978

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